Marica Maggiotti

I was born in 1973, I graduated at the Fashion and Costume Art Institute of Riccione. I worked as a modellist, but my passion has always been "drawing".

In 2017 I decided to attend the “Perfezionamento di Disegno Animato” (Advanced course of Animated Drawing and Comics) at the “Scuola del Libro” of Urbino. From there, I’ve decided that I will spend the rest of my life telling stories through my drawings.

In my illustration I talk about my interior voyage which can be surreal at times, emotions go through my hand and reborn on a white sheet surface.

In 2020 I published on Illustrati, Logosedizioni, Modena.

The animation Momentum and impulse of 2018 is part of my life, soul and memory of myself.

The film has been selected for the "Animavì" competition, the International Festival of Animation Cinema  and Poetic Art of Pergola (PU) and at the Pesaro Film Festival.

Momentum and Impulse

"A journey begins, someone prays for everything to go well.

A buoy at the shore, like the wheat of an empty crown. Someone prays for someone to pick it up, but who can do it don’t believe in the one wo’s praying."

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