Laura Fuzzi is a cartoonist and animator. Since 2014 she has been cooperating with the animator Simone Massi, for the realization of the animation films: Resterà con te Zecchino d'oro (2015), Love is potatoes by dutch production (2016), and the Samouni road by Italian-French production and winner of the Oeil d 'Or Cannes Film Festival 2018. She won the first prize "Arturio Loria" for the Graphic Novel section and participated in the Napoli Comicon "Futuro anteriore" event curated by the Comic Strip Center Andrea Pazienza. She actively participates in the Cesena Comics Festival and collaborates with the Italian manufacturer of drawing supplies Pentel. Since 2010 she has made drawing workshops for adults and children throughout Italy. There are three travel diaries: Nihon no Fuyu - Japanese diary born in collaboration with Pentel Italia and Instax Italia; Family Album - residence in Salento supported by the Puglia Region Department of Cultural and Tourist Industries; What is the Craic - Irish diary in collaboration with Pentel Italia and Instax Italia.

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