Ilenia Manfroni was born in Cesena in 1993, she attended Istituto Iris Versari in Cesena, studying Graphic Design, graduating in 2012.

Later, she continued her studies in Urbino at Scuola del Libro, where she attended Perfezionamento di Disegno Animato (Advanced course of Animated Drawing and Comics), in which she studied animation, comics and illustration. Thanks to this course, ended in 2016, she refined and gained her own personal technique, still in development today.

Through Perfezionamento’s two years, she was able to participate in various illustration and animation contests. In 2015, she realized the official opening animation of Rimini’s Amarcort festival, for which she also exhibited her illustrations at Teatro degli Atti.

Between 2016 and 2017, Ilenia cooperated as an illustrator for Samouni Road animation documentary realization, under the direction of Stefano Savona and Simone Massi responsible for the animation. In 2018, she cooperated with other illustrators and artists for the realization of an art journal by the name Cono, which took part at La linea d’ombra exhibition.

In 2019 she has been part of various exhibitions, among them: Galleria Ca’ Pesaro 2.0, Pesaro Didot bookshop, and Bellaria’s Pjazza restaurant.

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