Francesco Seresi. I was born in Osimo (AN) on January 31, 1999. I grew up in Pesaro. After five years at the Artistic High School of my city, I enrolled in the Perfezionamento of the “Scuola del Libro” in Urbino. It has been two years of ups and downs where my conception of myself and what I was doing has completely changed. I started to follow a concept, a thought, an emotion and building a story around it, fascinated by the booming silences that an image, accompanied by a few words, manages to give. What I’m telling is what I cannot express in words for my introverted character. During these years I participated in the Jeunes talent Competition of Angouleme in November 2018.

My work was selected in the second issue by the magazine "Lo stato delle città" published in April 2019;  I was selected among the finalists to illustrate the cover of the fifth issue of "The FLR Magazine" in April 2019.

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