Emanuela Orciari is a children books illustrator.
Born in Pesaro, has studied illustration at the Scuola del Libro in Urbino, Palazzo Ducale.

She likes to think that in every story she illustrate, she can find a part of herself. With her drawings, she likes to confuse and contaminate the border between dream and reality. She has collaborated with many italians and foreign publishing houses like Fatatrac, Salani, Edicolors, Elle Einaudi, Orecchio Acerbo, Nuova Cappelli, Hacca, Dada, L’Espresso, Il corriere della sera, Marsam, Scuola Holden, Raffaello Editore, Rue Ballù.

Emanuela has exposed in differents national and international exhibitions, the most important are: Illustrarte in Portugal, Le immagini della fantasia in Sarmede. She had represented twice Italy at the Illustration Biennial in Bratislava. She has also won the international first prize Scarpetta d’oro. She has won the Superpremio Andersen with the illustrations of La portinaia Apollonia by Lia Levi, published in Italy by Orecchio Acerbo and in France by Milan Jeunesse.

Her illustrated book King Lear of William Shakespeare, rewritten by Melania Mazzucco and published from Scuola Holden has been translated in chinese, english for the United Kingdom and portuguese for the Brasil.

With her illustrations she has also worked in another areas outside publishing houses, like cinema and theatre. She has drawn for the movie Helena by Nicola Sorcinelli, for the theatrical work Rosa Luxemburg directed by Irene Ros and on the theatre season Impronte Femminili, created by Sara Cucchiarini, the play Tutte le donne di Emanuela has been made from all the figures that Emanuela had illustrated in her books. This last play has been done in Fano’s theatre Teatro della Fortuna.

She teaches autorial illustration at the Scuola internazionale di Comics in Pescara and at ACCA Academy in Jesi.

She illustrate and collaborate with the Corriere della Sera supplement La Lettura.

Her last pubblication has been for the french publishing house Flies France in Paris, Histoires de sorcières et de magiciens.