Ahmed Ben Nessib is an animated short film designer and director. He was born in Tunis in 1992 and studied at "Perfezionamento di Disegno Animato" of the “Scuola del Libro” of Urbino, at L'École des Métiers du Cinema d'Animation d'Angoulême and at “Scuola Cònia” of Claudia Castellucci in Cesena. His first short film, Ekart, was included in volume 5 of the DVDs Animazioni - Contemporary Italian Short Films, and awarded at Animavì - Festival of Poetic Animation Cinema in Pergola, and at the Ciné Poème de Bezons festival. He published The Assassin is increasingly confused and Ekart. La tecnica del nuotatore with Somari Books, the publishing house that he founded together with Samuele Canestrari. His drawings have been published in various magazines including Internazionale, Linus, Lab 619, Lo Straniero and Cavallino Magazine.

Lives and works in Naples.

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